Wednesday, November 21, 2012

December Daily Page Ideas

I'm creating my very first December Daily and like other newbies, I am confused on how to start or what to have on each page. To help combat this issue, I've brainstormed a list of ideas for pages. I hope they help you, too! Feel free to share them.

Ideas for December Daily Themes/Pages

1.    Decorating the inside of the house

2.    Decorating the outside of the house

3.    Picking out the perfect Christmas tree

4.    Putting up the Christmas tree

5.    Christmas tree theme

6.    More than one Christmas tree? Mini Trees

7.    My favorite ornament

Lily's First Christmas Ornament - My Favorite Ornament,
Perfect for a December Daily Page! 
8.    Picking out a new ornament

9.    A family tradition

10. Favorite holiday record/album

11. Favorite holiday song

12. Favorite holiday clothing item (socks, Christmas sweater, etc)

13. Favorite holiday movie

14. Favorite holiday sound (bells ringing, music, choirs, etc)

15. Favorite holiday smell

16. Favorite holiday sight

17. Favorite holiday quote or saying

18. Favorite holiday book or story

19. Favorite holiday cookie

20. Favorite holiday outing (church, store, family visit)

21. Christmas dinner menu

22. Favorite wrapping paper

23. Christmas/Holiday cards

24. Christmas morning

25. Favorite Holiday Photo

26. Best Christmas Gift

27. Christmas morning

28. Time to wrap gifts

29. Stocking stuffers

30. The night before Christmas

31. Christmas leftovers

32. Christmas wish list

33. Shopping for presents

34. Favorite gift to give

35. The True Meaning of Christmas

36. Favorite colors of the season

37. Words to a Christmas Poem or Song

39. Taking down the tree

40. Preparing for New Years